Low Running Cost

The whole system is optimally designed to maximise the thermal energy absorbed from ambient conditions, thereby maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature of 21˚c with minimal ongoing costs.

Visually Unobtrusive

Our ingenious Tileplanks form a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing roof. They cannot be differentiated from a standard roof at road level, and are treated to repel moss and lichen growth.

Low Carbon

Minus7 boasts an impressive, better than 180g of CO2 per kW heat delivered – up to 50% lower than traditional energy supply methods.

Quality Long Life Product

The expected lifespan of our bespoke roof is greater than 50 years; the Solar Energy Processor is manufactured to process ethically responsible heating for at least 20 years.

Unrestricted by Orientation

Our responsive, energy collecting roof works just about anywhere; be it house, garage or outbuilding – a south-facing aspect is not a necessity.

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Minus7 can add substantial financial value to your buildings.

How it works

Using the best of solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and energy storage technologies in one unique hybrid heating solution.

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