The Minus7 System has been very carefully designed and conceived, with ease of use and aesthetics in mind, as well as ethical responsibility at heart.

Not only will the System be sympathetically integrated into the building, but it is extremely simple to use – it is an autonomous plant that performs self-health checks, requires no user control, and is remotely monitored by our team of technicians.

The stand-alone System has no equipment inside the dwelling, except for a familiar thermostat style controller and timer, and System Status Panel which shows you the amount of energy delivered and consumed (instantaneous, daily and cumulative) as well as information on the status of the System.

Outside, the energy capturing Tileplanks come in 3 different colours to tone in sympathetically with the style of building. The Thermal Stores will be buried invisibly under the garden, patio or decking, and the SEP comes in a variety of colours to blend in or stand out – the choice is yours.

Financial Benefits

The Minus7 Endothermic System provides all the domestic hot water and heating for your property at approximately 50% of the cost of running a condensing gas boiler. It is designed to run extremely efficiently and for a considerable period of time – on average twice as long as a conventional boiler.

A two year warranty for parts and labour is included as standard; an upgrade to 10 years is available at minimal cost.

Environmental Benefits

Behind the Minus7 System there is a massive bank of industry knowledge, technical and practical expertise, and a wholehearted commitment to ethical harvesting of renewable energy.

Primarily, the Minus7 System harvests renewable thermal and solar energy. It offers a reduction of up to 50% of CO2 emissions compared to an equivalent condensing gas boiler, and there is no requirement for any additional equipment or systems to achieve this. The System is ideally suited to work at the lower temperatures required by under floor distribution systems as well as high output, low temperature radiators such as JAGA.

The Endothermic Roof has an expected life of 35 years to first maintenance, and after many further years of active service, it can be recycled at the end of the life of the building; a fully responsible, pioneering approach to energy supply.

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Our low impact, high efficiency heating system gives you renewable energy for life.

How it works

Using the best of solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and energy storage technologies in one unique hybrid heating solution.

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