Minus7 eradicates fuel poverty in Poole – BBC Spotlight

Sophie is a single parent with three young children, her son aged 13 has special needs and two girls aged 10 and 3.Usually Sophie dreads the thought of opening her energy bills at Christmas because they have always been so high in previous rental properties.

Since Poole Housing Partnership implemented Minus7’s renewable heating technology, Sophie’s life has changed dramatically – sharing her latest energy bill, she’s £65 in credit and now pays the same per month as she was previously paying per week, her annual bill in 2016 was just over £200 for all of her heating and hot water.

The delighted mum of three said: “Now I don’t have to choose between eating or keeping my kids warm”

Sophie was very enthusiastic about how easy it was to control the innovative Minus7 heating system and keen to show how it worked; demonstrating the simplicity of regulating the temperature around her home at the touch of a button.

Mike Harrison – Director of Technical Services – Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) stated; that with “government funding Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) we can install renewable heating technology from Minus7 in our homes, which in turn saves our residents money – so why wouldn’t we?”

Watch the BBC Spotlight clip on YouTube by clicking on this link:

Fuel Poverty BBC Spotlight

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