A system in 3 parts: Roof, Energy Processor and Energy Storage

Minus7 uses the best of solar thermal, photovoltaic, energy storage and heat pump technologies in a single integrated solution.

Why is Minus7 roofing and cladding so popular?

BBA approved Tileplanks  used on new-builds and retrofits, including listed buildings.

Made from extruded aluminium with interlocking connections.

Highly efficient bulb and flipper seals prevent the roof from leaking.

Eligible for RHI and FiT subsidies generate revenue and savings for decades.

Suitable for shallow roofscapes  – 17º through to vertical.

Suitable for any orientation – East through West.

Blend in with the local environment with a choice of colours.

Can be cut to any desired profile including angled and mansard roof designs.

Building integrated solar thermal and photovoltaic cells means no need for bolt ons.

Uses conventional roofing methods and easy to install.

All components fully tested and warranted, a truly durable long term investment in renewable energy.

A popular and affordable alternative to natural clays, stone, slate and zinc roofing.

The Solar Energy Processor

4 models; 102 different colours. Heating and hot water is controlled via conventional thermostats and timers

The Basic Model  provides a pre-warmed supply of water to feed into an immersion cylinder or other similar water heater.

The Standard Model provides an instant supply of hot water to your taps at 40 – 45°C.  The hot water passes through a UV Purifier to kill bacteria.

The Plus Model allows for the addition of an extra source of heat; for example a back boiler, heat recovery or similar.

The award-winning Mini-District Model provides heating and hot water to numerous buildings e.g. terraced houses; low rise apartments.

Energy Storage and Performance Guarantees

Energy Storage

The Minus7 System is optimised to absorb the energy needed to provide comfortable heating and hot water from even low ambient temperatures, and therefore needs a large capacity for energy storage.

The System needs two thermal stores: the hot store is warmer, contains water and is the thermal energy source for the building; the cold store is cooler, contains a mixture of 30% concentration by volume ethylene-glycol based anti-freeze and is the thermal energy source for the water-to-water heat-pump.

They are both purpose-built tanks with 200mm of insulation on all surfaces. The size and number of stores needed depends on the scope of the project, but they can be sited in various places for least impact; such as in the foundations of the building, in an outhouse or garage, or partially buried in the garden, or under a patio.


Product and Installation quality is of paramount importance to Minus7. The company has a team of trained roofers, plumbers and electricians. All have the required quality certifications to sign off the technology for building regulations and government energy subsidies.

Operation and Maintenance

There is no need to service gas boilers with a Minus7 system, there are also minimal  operational and minimal maintenance costs.  Each system is sold with a full maintenance and support package, which sits alongside the energy price/delivery performance guarantee for the duration of the contract. Minus7 guarantees the amount of energy delivered to the building.


Minus7 offers a premium after-care service for its systems.

All Minus7 Systems are fitted with remote data loggers before they leave the factory. This enables Minus7 to remotely monitor the performance of each system in the field and rapidly respond to any issues that arise.
For total comfort and peace of mind, an annual maintenance visit is recommended to help keep your system running efficiently throughout the year.
We respond to any call outs as quickly as possible and will strive to be with you within a 48 hour period. The annual maintenance visit is planned with you in advance.

Have project specific questions?

Call 01983 282844 or email emma@minus7.co.uk

How it works

Using the best of solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and energy storage technologies in one unique hybrid heating solution.

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